About the Ambler
We're nonprofit.

The Ambler Theater is YOUR nonprofit, community-based, member-driven movie theater specializing in art house films, classic film restorations, and local partnerships. We are committed to excellent programming and to meaningful community outreach.

Our mission: Exhibit art, independent and world films; Educate the community about the film and media arts; Serve as a community and charitable resource for the arts; Preserve the historic theaters as cultural resources.

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Executive Director.

Christopher R. Collier is the Executive Director of Renew Theaters, a nonprofit management company that operates four nonprofit, member-supported theaters in Pennsylvania and New Jersey: The Ambler Theater, County Theater, Hiway Theater, and Princeton Garden Theatre.

He has worked at Renew since 2007, starting as a manager of his hometown Ambler Theater. Over his 15 years working at Renew, the company has doubled in size, both in staff and number of theaters. He became Executive Director in 2019.

He served as the 2018-2019 AHC Conference Co-Chair, served on the Provisional Board from 2019-2020 and joined the Transitional Leadership Group stewarding the organization through the pandemic from 2020-2022.

Chris holds degrees in Musicology from Dartmouth College and the University of Oxford, where he wrote his dissertations focused on film music. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

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Board of Directors.

Ken Roos - President
Wynn Lee - Vice President
Rosemary Garrity - Secretary
Tom Deininger - Treasurer

Bernadette Dougherty
Kaytlynn Gorson Gundlach
Charlie Head
Jeff Jones
Dean Karrash
Ricki Lang
Anna Lee Lapinski
Pam Leighton
John Toner

Mike Sloane (Advisor)
John Westrum (Advisor)