Coming Attractions
Scheduling our Main Attractions is week-to-week. On Monday, we decide what main films will play starting that Friday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we set the showtimes for the upcoming week and then update our website and telephone hotline. We also send out a weekly email (which you can receive by signing up below). This list is only an educated guess, as film release plans often change. Have a suggestion? Contact us at
Starts Fri Jun 21
June Squibb (Nebraska) stars in this action comedy as Thelma, a 93-year old woman who is conned by a phone scammer.
Starts Fri Jun 28
Dan, a construction worker who is emotionally drifting away from his teenage daughter and wife, happens upon a local community theater and joins their production of Romeo & Juliet.
Robot Dreams
This delightful animation tells the story of a lonely dog who builds a robot for companionship.
The Beast
THE BEAST is set in the not too distant future when artificial intelligence is used to erase feelings and past traumas.
Nowhere Special
This heartfelt drama tells the story of a single father who is given a few months to live.